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Will Walking With a Cane Help With Lower Back Pain? 5 Reasons Why

So, will walking with a cane help with lower back pain? You bet!

According to a study (coupled with my own expertise as a back pain sufferer), using a cane can help reduce pain and improve mobility by redistributing body weight and providing additional "mobility" [1].

So, if you're seeking an assistive device to help with your lower back pain, utilizing a cane might be the solution you've been searching for.

Keep reading to discover the 5 reasons why you should say yes!

Key Takeaways

  • Walking with a cane can provide support and stability, reducing the strain on the lower back and relieving pain.
  •  Using a cane promotes better posture by encouraging an upright stance, which can alleviate lower back pain. It helps align the spine and reduces the risk of further injury or discomfort.
  • Canes offer additional support for people with chronic back pain or health conditions such as spinal stenosis or muscle weakness. 

Will a Cane or Walker Help with Back Pain? 

Walking with a cane offers multiple benefits, much like a back brace for sports: it redistributes body weight for improved stability, lessens the pressure on the lower back joints, fosters an upright posture for spinal alignment, evenly distributes forces to minimize strain on the back, and bolsters mobility.

Let's break it down...

1. Improved Stability

Using a cane can help redistribute your body weight, providing additional support and stability to your lower back. This can reduce the strain on your back muscles and alleviate pain.

2. Reduced Pressure on Joints

Walking with a cane can help shift some of the weight-bearing burden from your lower back to your upper body and legs. This can help alleviate pressure on your lower back joints and reduce pain.

3. Improved Posture

A cane can assist in promoting an upright stance while walking, which helps align your spine correctly. This can take some strain off your lower back, reducing pain and discomfort.

For those with more significant spinal issues or back pain, it's pertinent to ask, "Does Medicare cover back braces?" as these devices can further aid in supporting proper posture and alleviating back strain alongside the use of a cane.

4. Distribution of Forces

When using a cane, the load on your lower back is distributed between the cane and your legs.

This can help reduce the amount of force and pressure on your lower back, leading to pain relief.

5. Enhanced Mobility

By providing stability and support, a cane can help you continue with your daily activities, even with lower back pain.

The result is an improved quality of life, allowing you to be more active while managing your pain.

Using a cane while walking can help lower back pain by providing stability, reducing pressure on joints, improving posture, distributing forces, and enhancing mobility.

But, aside from walking aids, many people wonder, do baths help with back pain?. It's an intriguing approach to explore for pain relief.

But how do you know if you need a cane? Let's find out!

How to Know if You Need a Cane?

Did you know 25% of adults over 65 utilize mobility devices such as canes? A cane can assist in redistributing body weight and providing support to the lower back, making it a potential option for individuals with uneven support and weight distribution.

This may be particularly relevant for those wondering, "why does my back hurt when I'm cold?" Cold temperatures might intensify existing pain or discomfort for some.

Using a cane may be beneficial if you experience lower back pain, particularly while walking or standing.

Further, Lindsey Yourman, a geriatrician at the University of California San Diego Health Jacobs Medical Center, highlights the significance of selecting the appropriate mobility device.

Using a well-fitted cane improves balance, reduces the risk of falls, and relieves lower back pain. It also promotes better posture and reduces muscle strain.

Still wondering if you need a cane? Take it from Dr. Joe on why you should!

Let's explore some common questions to help you on your journey to back pain relief.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will walking with a cane help with lower back pain?

Yes, walking with a cane can relieve lower back pain. Using a cane helps redistribute body weight and provides extra support, reducing the strain on the lower back.

2. What types of canes are recommended for lower back pain?

Various canes are available, including quad and single-point canes. Quad canes have a wider base and offer more stability, while single-point canes are lighter and easier to maneuver.

3. Can using a cane improve muscle strength?

Yes, using a cane can help improve muscle strength. Walking with a cane engages the legs, core, and back muscles, increasing muscle tone and strength. 

4. Will a cane be helpful for individuals with other health conditions?

Yes, a cane can benefit individuals with various health conditions. It can support people with leg pain, spinal stenosis, and other back-related issues. 

5. What can you use with a cane?

Using a cane offers stability for back pain relief.

Paired with the STOT SPORTS back brace, it provides enhanced support and alleviation during mobility, ensuring a more comfortable and pain-free movement experience.


When choosing a cane for lower back pain, it is important to consider the specific needs and preferences of the individual.

For best results, consult a physical therapist or a pain expert to determine the most suitable type of cane for your condition.

Ultimately, while using a cane alone may not provide a complete solution for lower back pain, it can be a valuable treatment option and a tool for mobility.

Additionally, it is important to incorporate other measures, such as physical therapy, exercise, and maintaining a healthy weight, to manage and alleviate lower back pain effectively.

By taking a proactive approach and utilizing the appropriate assistive devices, individuals can improve their overall well-being and enjoy a more comfortable and active lifestyle.


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