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How to Clean and Store Stot Sports Back Brace | A Step-By-Step Guide

Are you searching for the best methods to clean and store your Stot Sports back brace?

As a fellow pain sufferer, I've met many people who unknowingly shorten their brace's life due to improper care - and, thanks to my research, I was saved from this misfortune.

In this video and article combo, I'll reveal the needed steps to ensure your brace remains supportive and durable.

Dive in and learn the best tips for cleaning and storing your STOT SPORTS back brace.

 Key Takeaways

  • Always hand wash your Stot Sports back brace to ensure longevity and maintain its structural integrity.
  • Proper drying and storage, especially using the mesh bag, can prevent mold and retain the brace's shape.
  • Avoid machine washing and drying, as they can harm the brace's material and design.

Caring for Your Stot Sports Back Brace: A Detailed Cleaning and Storage Guide

To ensure your Stot Sports back support belt provides optimal support, wash it with gentle soap, air dry indoors without wringing, and utilize the provided mesh bag for airing.

Avoid exposing the brace to machine washing, dryers, and direct sunlight to preserve its lifespan and efficacy.

Let's skip right into the cleaning portion...

The Perfect Cleaning Formula

#1 Check for Soil Level:

Lightly Soiled: Use a cloth to wipe off any dirt or moisture gently.

Heavily Soiled: Soak the brace in water for a few minutes. This loosens the dirt, making the subsequent hand wash more effective.

#2 Hand Wash with Care:

Soap Selection: Opt for a gentle soap, avoiding harsh chemicals that can degrade the material.

Technique: Gently scrub the brace, paying close attention to soiled areas.

#3 Dry Properly

Do: Air dry indoors. This ensures that the brace retains its shape and elasticity.


Don't: Wring the brace. This can distort its shape and reduce its effectiveness. Similarly, refrain from using a dryer; the excessive heat can damage the fabric and structural components.

For a good recap on proper cleaning, skip right into this video for more: 

Now for storing...

The Perfect Storing Formula

Post-cleaning, proper storage is pivotal. Following the right steps can save you from unwanted wear and tear:

#1 Utilize the Mesh Bag

To prevent mold or mildew buildup, your Stot Sports back brace has a mesh bag designed specifically for airing the brace after use.


Better yet, you don't have to worry about any residual moisture as it evaporates.

#2 Avoid Folding or Rolling

Store the back support belt for women and men flat, ensuring no straps or Velcro sections stick together. This helps in retaining the brace's shape.

#3 Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

While airing it out is crucial, avoid exposing your brace to direct sunlight for prolonged periods. Failing to do this can weaken the material and reduce its lifespan [1].

Now, let's learn some common questions...


1. Can I machine wash my Stot Sports back brace?

No, machine washing is not recommended as it might degrade the lifting support belt's material and overall design.

2. Is it okay to dry the back brace outside?

It's advisable to air dry indoors to prevent damage from direct sunlight.

3. What should I do if my brace isn't too dirty?

If the brace isn't heavily soiled, wipe it down with a clean cloth to remove minor dirt or moisture.


Your Stot Sports back brace is a blend of intricate design and functionality. While it's crucial to know "how to wear a back brace" properly for maximum benefit, taking care of the brace is equally important.

With the right cleaning and storage practices, your brace will serve you effectively for years.

Adhering to these guidelines not only ensures its longevity but also maintains the level of support it provides to your back.

Lastly, don't forget to leave a comment and tell me how much you've learned!

Until next time...


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